FPGA Chips

FPGA Chips

FPGA stands for a field programmable gate array that is suitable for solving any complex computing tasks. FPGAs are applied in mining, VR, IoT, scientific calculations, video stream processing, manufacturing, and more areas.

Xilinx was the first company to pioneer FPGA development. You can order the most advanced FPGA Xilinx chips from us.

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FPGA in Mining

FPGA chips provide a high hash rate while their energy consumption is low. They enable switching between different algorithms in less than a second and adopting your mining algorithms to new forks. This helps to sustain continuous mining farm operations: regardless of the market situation, you can always choose to mine the most profitable coin at the moment.

FPGA Properties

Chip model XCVU9P-L2FSGD2104E
core voltage 0.75v
interface PCI-E, USB, 2 QSFP28 100G Interfaces PCIe Gen3 x 16 or Gen4 x8 via Edge Connector
power supply 75W PCI-E + 150W 8-Pin AUX
ram 4x DDR4 Dimm Slots (NON-ECC)

FPGA Productivity

algorithm coins * algorithm release date developer
X16R Ravencoin 325 mh/s May 2019 Aettech
X17 Verge 375 mh/s May 2019 Aettech
Xevan Bitsend 200 mh/s June 2019 Aettech
Timetravel10 Bitcore 600 mh/s June 2019 Aettech
0xToken 0xBitcoin 18 000 mh/s released Zetheron
lyra2z MCT 60 mh/s released Allmine
nexus Nexus 1 900 mh/s released Zetheron
keccak/keccakd Maxcoin 13 000 mh/s released Digitalcruncher
tribus Denarius 1 950 mh/s released Digitalcruncher
Zen protocol Zen Protocol 14 000 mh/s released Digitalcruncher
* The mentioned coins were chosen as the ones with the highest market cap. There are dozens of more coins available.
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FPGA Delivery

  • Chips and electronic components are in stock (can be shipped on the purchase day).
  • Chips and electronic components are shipped to Belarus and Russia by EMS door-to-door, in 3-7 days.
  • The cooling system is shipped via a transportation company.
  • Shipment to other countries can be discussed individually.
  • You can pick up your order from our office in Minsk, Belarus.

FPGA-based Products

FPGA-based Products


CrystalCore is a highly productive and energy-efficient mining equipment built on FPGA chips immersed into cooling liquid.

  • FPGA ensures the flexibility of switching between various mining algorithms as well as a high hash rate.
  • The immersion cooling system increases FPGA productivity by 15-40% as well as raises the working lifecycle of the immersed equipment due to friction minimization.
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16 January, 2019

United Mining Company, or UMCO, is the main partner of AETTECH. UMCO is a resident of the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park and develops software for mining systems. This company’s experts have developed a few mining algorithms...


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